Support Charles Graham Ministry

The best donation you can give to Charles Graham Ministry is one of prayer. The second best donation would be a financial contribution. If you would like to donate to Charles Graham Ministry we offer several options below.

One-time Donation

For a one-time donation, select an amount from the drop down menu below and click the “Donate” button.

One-time Donation | Custom Amount

To make a one-time donation for a specific amount, click the “Custom Amount ” button bellow. When the page loads you can enter an amount of your choosing.

Monthly Donation

If you would like to make a recurring monthly donation please click a button below with the amount you wish to donate.




If you would like to make a monthly donation in an amount that is not specified above please contact us.

Mail-in Donation Form

To make your one-time or automatic monthly donation(s) by mail, please click here for a printable donation form (PDF).

All online donations are made through PayPal. Monthly donations will bill your PayPal account each month for the amount selected until you wish them to stop. To cancel a monthly donation please contact us. All contributions are tax deductible.