The Fountains

The Fountains

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Many good things have happen since I last wrote to you.

God continues to use my life and ministry here in AR with the ministry of The Fountains. This year we have hosted and shared space to all who have passed through. I just hosted a group of 30 wonderful students from Colorado Springs, CO. for the second consecutive year while they were in the area on a mission trip. There have been several pastors and their families that have come through and spent a time of rejuvenation and relaxation. I am loving the ministry to the community also. The Fountains continues to change as there are many projects being completed and many left to do. I praise God for all who have come to help.

Pray for Finances and Help For Future Projects:

  • Installing the two new fountains
  • Developing the prayer path
  • Developing the prayer garden
  • Landscaping the grounds¬†
  • Building fence around the property
  • Improvement to driveways and sidewalks