No Back Doors

No Back Doors

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No Back Doors

A first ever peek into the life of Charles Graham

Reflecting on his memoir, Charles Graham will invite audiences into his world, chronicling the experiences that have shaped him—from his childhood working on the cotton and bean fields to his years as a singer performing before kings and presidents.




Love has to be a lifestyle you live, not a banner you wave.

A demonstration, not just a declaration.

From working the cotton and bean fields of the Deep South to singing before kings and presidents, Charles Graham’s story of struggle and triumph is a heart-warming journey of faith, family and dreams come true.

No Back Doors is a deeply personal look inside the spiritual and physical journey of a man who persevered in his life by allowing God to guide each step of the way.


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  1. Date: December 10, 2018

    “In this remarkable memoir, Charles Graham recounts his amazing journey of faith. As a child, leaning on the hoe handles in the cotton field, he would watch the cars speed by on the horizon and feltl the pull of destiny. This is a story of faith, struggle, and blessings, laced with laughter and tears.”

  2. Date: December 10, 2018

    “This book will challenge you to pursue you dream. Charles Graham’s ministry never failed to inspire all who met him.”

  3. Charles Graham’s remarkable memoir, No Back Doors, tells the story of a life of extraordinary faith, embraced and guided by Godly parents who instilled in him the reverence and knowledge of God, the importance of education, hard work ethics and love for his fellowman.

  4. Date: December 10, 2018

    For many years, I have watched first-hand as Charles has given selflessly through his worldwide ministry. Charles’ journey captured in No Back Doors is a story of triumph, hope, and love … an inspiring testament of how “All things are possible with God.”

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